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||कार्यार्थी भजते लोकं यावत्कार्य न सिद्धति || उत्तीर्णे च परे पारे नौकायां किं प्रयोजनम् ||

As the way nobody remembers a boat after crossing the river, similarly people tend to appreciate others only till their work is done and forget the other person once the objective is fulfilled


SWARUP FOUNDATION is incorporated by the young and dynamic personality, Mrs. Prashant Saste with an aim to bring about a positive difference in the society. The Foundation intends to reach every meaningful segment of the society. Adopting a novel approach to its initiative, the foundation is organising the inaugural ‘Jeevandoot Puraskar 2021’. It is a one-of-it’s-kind award for Ambulance drivers plying across India. Today’s fast paced lifestyle has given rise to a number of reasons that lead to natural and accidental causes of fatality. Thanks to the efficient Ambulance services available today, many a human lives are saved due to swift action and service provided by ambulances. Time is what matters the most in helping a life in distress and Ambulance drivers play a major role in transporting the sick and needy to the hospitals in perfect time. Thus, Swarup Foundation holds the service provided by these Ambulance drivers in high regard and considers them as life saving angels. We feel that it is our responsibility to honour them form their magnificent contribution towards the society. Proceeds from ‘Super Screen Short Film Festival 2018’ shall be utilized for this cause.

From the Founder’s Desk
Jeevandoot Puraskar 2021 is a part of the various CSR activities employed by the Foundation. As an active part of the society, we feel such services should not be forgotten and hence are always on the lookout to recognize contributions of individuals working in different segments of our daily life. Over the years, Swarup Foundation has been involved with various activities making a positive difference to people’s lives. One such initiative is Super Screen Short Film Competetion 2018. Swarup Foundation will utilize a certain amount of proceeds from this Film Competition in felicitating these selfless ‘Jeevandoots’ of the society.

-Prashant Saste, Founder
Team Speak

“Felicitating Ambulance drivers with a JEEVANDOOT AWARD cause to a whole new level with it’s wide reach and appeal. We appeal our sponsors, associates and patrons to be a valuable part of this surreal experience of expressing gratitude to these ignored service providers. We are really grateful to our entire team and well wishers who have been burning the midnight oil to make this happen in a big way.”
– Event Co-ordinator


“jeevandoot puraskar 2021”
Our Vision is to honour a large number of selfless individuals making meaningful contributions to the society across the length and breadth of India.


Consistently identify and recognize people and organisations who make a difference to others lives with their dedicated service and tireless endeavour.


Honesty, Transparency & Responsibility are our virtues for creating a new dawn in the CSR sector.

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