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SWARUP FOUNDATION is incorporated by the young and dynamic Mr. Prashant Saste with an aim to bring about a positive difference in the society.

Indians are well known for their generosity and Swarup Foundation will strive hard to channelise noble thoughts into constructive philantrophy. The organisation brings together youth from all facets of the society to serve the less fortunate as well as address problems that plague our daily lives.
Activities that involve cleanliness drives or generating youth awareness on issues like maintaing heritage values can be named for instance.



Education forms the crux of development and hence We regularly provide educational facilities to less privileged students residing in remote villages across Maharashtra. We have identified Zilla Parishad schools in places like Lohgaon and Avhalvadi to provide students in these areas with Basic and Semi-Advanced Computer hardware and software courses.

‘There are a thousand thoughts lying stagnant within a man’s mind till he takes up a pen to write’. Stationery plays a very crucial role in education. It is a motivating factor to gather students and encourage them to continue with their studies. The idea of Stationery distribution to widen our reach was a well planned success. Various educational books and Stationeries were distributed at the Chikhli based Vidhya Vikas Anath Ashram too.

We also distributed books and stationeries to beggars on the streets of Pune with a purpose to generate the importance of education for their children.

For Environment
At Swarup Foundation we believe, Charity begins at home ! We need to strive hard to bring about the change we want to see around us as the responsibility lies upon us. We conduct various effective campaigns and programs with the aim of maintaining cleanliness and make our city a better place to live in.

Realising the importance of maintaining a healthy environment, we have being organising Tree Plantation drives since past few years and are going strong day by day. Staying true to our culture of involving people from all strata of the society in noble causes, we have arranged plantation drives from corporate office premises to fertile forest lands. Needless to say, our endeavour over the years has been largely successful and experienced active participation from all age groups and genders.

Though Cleanliness is next to Godliness, it is disappointing to see garbage strewn all around the city. Hence we initiate frequent cleanliness drives to make a clean and green city. This also helps us to establish the importance of hygiene amongst children and the society in general. This way we encourage our students to achieve their vision of a prosperous and beautiful environment through embarking the real community spirit.

Building on strong community support, Swarup Foundation does not want to limit itself just for cleaning of streets but also wants to engage in beautifying forts and other tourist sites that resemble symbols of our cultural heritage.

Individual Welfare
Every minute an idea is replaced by a new and more efficient one. It is crucial to remain vigilant throughout and ensure that all of our content is updated. Latest information is provided to our students regarding current market trends and make them self compliant to have a wonderful future. All students are mandated to take course related periodic tests in order to understand their grasping as well as retention skills.

Digital Literacy
We seek to obtain substantial funds from the noble minded citizens from all over the state of Maharashtra. So far the orphanage has received various donations that include computers, laptops, digital learning material etc. This has tremendously helped in improving technical skills of the students.

Unfortunately though, That is not sufficient for most of the rural areas and school also an access to free and fast internet connection is still a hindrance. We thus look forward to receive ample donations in order to provide the students with access to fast internet as well as good quality personal study material.

Happiness Distribution
Happiness is a subjective term and it beholds in the mind of the beholder. Living a self-sufficient life often does not allow us a chance to realize the privileges provided to us by dear life. But one look at the less fortunate ones around us makes us understand importance of the Happiness bestowed upon us.

Life is all about sharing what we have, as what we give comes back to us. Simply put in, who would not like to get Happiness in compounded quantities in their life. Swarup Foundation takes this thought a step further by distributing happiness in various forms by serving the under privileged and less fortunate brethren in the society.


We envision to expand our network of schools where we can provide basic and free computer courses for all students and ensure that every child gains a strong and holistic educational foundation to become a responsible and confident citizen of tomorrow.


We have undertaken an endeavor to organize various computer aid workshops and provide technical knowledge to students which could help them to avoid any misleading challenges in their future career.

From the Founder’s Desk

We are working towards a goal to impart meaning to the lives of street children by providing various need-based services to develop their inherent talent and re-integrate them back in the society. We want to erase all of their saddened memories and fill their lives with love, care and most important of all give them a place in the world that they are entitled to have.


We focus on providing these children with an access to their basic rights of survival, education, participation and development thus empowering them to emerge as contributing members of our society. We strive to be a medium through which they themselves can design their life the way they intend to shape it.
-Prashant Saste, Founder